That's it! I quit!

There's nothing wrong with my writing! Eight of you upvoted my perfect writeup. I don't know what's wrong with the rest of you! You all suck! I'm leaving!

Right after I read this writeup.

But that's no reason for me to stick around. I'm legendary among my friends for my writing skills. My Mom is always telling me what a great writer I am. I've gone to three poetry slams and made 2nd place at every one. I know what I'm talking about. I'm writing a best seller and when I get published, boy aren't all you guys going to look like fools. I don't deserve this crap! I'm outta here!

As soon as I finish this.

So, you all can bite me! I put every drop of my talent into every one of my writeups. You guys just node stupid stuff that no one would be interested in. I've got more talent in my little pinky than any of you. It's just because you're so entrenched in your cliques that you won't appriciate me. I've tried to tell you guys how to improve. I've msg'd you repeatedly after each of your writeups telling you how I could have done it better - I would have downvoted them, but I can't vote yet. But you never even responded. What's wrong with you people?!? Don't you know genius when you see it? Just watch me go to another site that does what everything2 does, only better!

Really, right after I understand this.

Okay, now I'm leaving.

Any minute now.

Well, I guess when I find that site, I'll go. In the meanwhile, I'll just take a look at that.