I need to eat better and exercise more.

In the commmon lingo, I need to lose weight. In the common lingo, I need to loose a lot of weight. Approximately 100 pounds.

I doubt that I will do that through laughter alone, but in the process of looking through the diet section of the local manifestation of the corporate mega-bookstore, I just about fell over laughing... Again.

There I was, walking back and forth before the 10 yards long by 10 shelves high expanse of aggressively perky bookcovers. In the same vein as Eats, Shoots and Leaves, someone didn't think about the title of their book. As I scanned across yard 6 of shelf 4th, what I saw was this:

Susan Somers is Fast & Easy

Well, duh! ... Wait, that can't be right. Oh, I get it. "Susan Somers' Fast & Easy" - a cookbook. Okay.

I think I have something on my mind besides dieting. I need to get home to my wife.