Says the bright poster on the coffee shop
Now behind me
Gliding my bicycle through the intersection
"I'll have to take a look at that on the way back from the post office.
I wonder what it's -"

Car in the bike lane
too near in front of me
diving for that perfect parking spot

Laws politicians can't change:
I can't break fast enough
The back wheel rises
Here comes the asphalt
Land across the shoulderblade
Thank god for helmets
Sliding past the front wheel of the car now stopped

My lungs protest but I breathe any way
Flailing limbs - unbroken
Just a few scratchs and bruises
Relax a moment
People rush to see if anyone needs help

The driver wails "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!"
shaking on the verge of tears

Repeating now "I'm okay"
Her refrain unchanged
Wander over to lean on the building
"I'm okay ... but I think I'll sit down here for a minute."

They must have called 911 before I even hit the ground.
Poking and proding
Questions and answers
I am okay but the police want us both to stay
while they write the great american novel and a ticket for her.

She's still concerned.
I talk with her to calm her down.
Walk back across the intersection
let her buy me a iced mocha.

Before we leave I sign the petition attached to the poster.
I've earned it.