I got nine hours of sleep. I can remember waking up only once: not when my wife got up at 3am because she just couldn't sleep (so she tells me), but instead at 5am when she climbed back into bed, got me to roll over towards her, grabbed my hand, and put it right on the middle of her... face.

"Nose cold," she mumbled in a little girl voice.

Well, my day had't even started and I'd already had my surreal moment.

At 0557, the alarm went off, playing Fleetwood Mac, "Rhiannon". I set it for this odd time to avoid the 0600 traffic report, which is always depressing. I'm not sure "Rhiannon" was any better, as it colored my dreams with someone best forgotten. I spent the next 44 minutes climbing to consciousness as follows:

  1. Flip covers back.
  2. Roll out of bed.
  3. Take two steps towards the dresser.
  4. Slap snooze button on alarm.
  5. Take two steps back to bed.
  6. Roll back into bad and flip covers up.(one motion)
  7. Sleep for 10 minutes and 55 second until alarm goes off ("Money").
  8. Repeat three more times (Don't remember these clearly)".

Finally, the noise made it past my autonomic nerves into my brain and I stayed lying in bed listening to Jethro Tull "Bouree". When it finished I got up and finally turned off the alarm. My wife, still asleep, immediate rolled over bury her face in my pillow, presumably to keep her nose warm. I put on my slippers, rolled her back over to give her a kiss goodbye (and she rolled right back over after), and head downstairs to the shower.

Then I had a day that didn't suck. I know that's the short short short version, but nothing stood out. And sometimes the lack of bad equates to pretty good.