The following are the other United States comic releases, arranged in chronological order of introduction. The original series listed in break's writeup precedes all of these.

It should be noted that the Marvel-produced Transformers comics are not considered part of the Marvel Universe. While originally conceived as a four-issue limited series, it proved to be popular enough to spawn a full series. However, the events depicted in the comics conflicted heavily with the rest of the Marvel Universe, and Marvel decided to place the Transformers in another reality.

G.I. Joe and the Transformers - Marvel Comics
Issue 1: Blood on the Tracks
Issue 2: Power Struggle
Issue 3: Ashes, Ashes...
Issue 4: ...All Fall Down!

Secret Wars II - Marvel Comics
Issue 3: This World is Mine!

Transformers: The Movie - Marvel Comics
Issue 1: The Planet-Eater!
Issue 2: Judgement Day!
Issue 3: The Final Battle!

The Transformers: Headmasters - Marvel Comics
Issue 1: Ring of Hate!
Issue 2: Broken Glass
Issue 3: Love and Steel!
Issue 4: Brothers in Armor!!

Transformers in 3-D - Blackthorne Publishing
Issue 1: The Test
Issue 2: (no title)
Issue 3: (no title)

G.I. Joe - Marvel Comics
Issue 139: Realignments
Issue 140: Goin' South
Issue 141: Sucker Punch
Issue 142: Final Transformations

Transformers: Generation 2 - Marvel Comics
Issue 1: War Without End
Issue 2: All or Nothing / Ghosts
Issue 3: Primal Fear! / Old Evils
Issue 4: Devices and Desires / Tales of Earth, Part One
Issue 5: The Power and the Glory / Tales of Earth, Part Two
Issue 6: Tales of Earth, Part Three / The Gahtering Darkness
Issue 7: New Dawn / Tales of Earth, Part Four
Issue 8: Tales of Earth, Part Five / Escalation
Issue 9: Swarm / Tales of Earth, Part Six
Issue 10: Total War! / Tales of Earth, Part Seven
Issue 11: Dark Shadows! / Tales of Earth, Part Eight
Issue 12: A Rage in Heaven!

Optimus Primal & Megatron Toy MiniComic - Kenner
Beast Wars

Tales from the Beast Wars - 3H Productions (Botcon)
BotCon 1997: Ground Zero
BotCon 2000: Reaching the Omega Point

Transformers: The Wreckers - 3H Productions (Botcon)
Issue 1: Departure / Primeval Dawn

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