I cut class for no good reason. Well, actually, the weather was rather nasty and I really didn't feel like making the commute. However, I had to go to campus for other things, so I ended up making the commute anyway. I needed to print the notes for my digital image processing class, and I spent some time trying to figure out how to log into the computer at the computer lab. For some reason, it wouldn't accept my login info. I just waited until someone left their machine without logging out and appropriated it.

After I obtained the powerpoint files, I spied the queue for the printer. The funniest thing about the computer lab are the people stalking the printer for their printouts. They hover around, anxiously awaiting their printout, when it is obvious it will not come for some time. Sure, the HP 8000N can pump out 24 pages per minute, but people like to print out 200-page manuals. No need to look at each page coming out to make sure your print job has started.

Anyway, there are several printers in the lab, but everyone prints to the default printer. I just print to the lonely 5si, which is slower than the 8000N, but has no queue. I print out a good 100 pages, pick them up, and leave, passing by the 8000N crowd.

I had also printed out a graduation application form and now needed it signed. I head across campus to the InfoTech building, where the computer science offices are. I was going to set an appointment to see the CS undergraduate advisor, but the secretary informed me graduation applicants can go right in. Woohoo! The advisor quickly skimmed my transcripts and signed. I submitted the application to the registrar and now await approval. Although I'm very sure I have all the requirements, there's still a bit of anxiety until I get the official approval in writing. That should come by the end of next month.