There's a point when you're so late for a class it's just not worth going anymore. I went anyway, since I was supposed to discuss project plans with my group after class. I got the Look of DeathTM from my professor when I unsuccessfully tried to sneak in. I patiently waited for the final 3 minutes of the class to finish, then met up with my group. Somehow I had been elected coordinator for the group. Apparently my natural leadership skills shone through again.

Later in the afternoon I had a car inspection appointment. This was the first time I would be going to an inspection and I imagined it would take a terribly long time. To my surprise, it was quite efficient and expedient. I got my new sticker and a handy printout that detailed some statistics about my car. Strangely enough, carbon monoxide emmisions was listed as zero. Darn. I can't kill myself with this vehicle.

Throughout the day, I conveniently procrastinated doing any sort of useful work. It is now 2:30 AM the day after, and my procrastination has caught up. It's a fun game I liked to play, and I validate it by saying I perform better under pressure

I had been neglecting my yo-yo's the past few weeks, and the past few days I've been relearning some things I forgot. However, it's similar to bike-riding, in that you don't really forget it. I'm pretty much caught up with where I left off.

One half of the week is done. Only a little bit more before the weekend, and that will be a relief.