I was running late for my dance class, and this was not a good thing since I cut last week's session. I had probably missed out on a lot of new steps. Fortunately, my class had been progressing rather slowly, and I dropped in the middle of a review. We were doing the basic swing step, with rotation. I grabbed a partner and just enjoyed the activity. Then we were taught how to do an open break and underarm turn. Hijinks ensued. To be fair, the women had it much harder than the guys. Guys pretty much just had to hold their hand out in a certain way and give a slight push. Girls had to do the extra footwork. We later reviewed the waltz, adding a promenade around the room. This resulted in everyone bumping into each other. It's a small room, and the class is large. We transitioned to the rumba, which is essentially the waltz (box step) with different timing. It was a nice start to the day.

I stopped by home to check up on my DVD ripping. Yay, FlaskMPEG finished converting to AVI in just under 6 hours. For some reason the final bitrate was well below the available space on a CD, so I decided to re-rip with a higher quality. Fixed myself a bowl of Corn Pops, and I was good to go for my next destination.

Client meeting in the midafternoon, to discuss a website redesign. The project looks extremely interesting, since it deals with Thomas MacGreevy, an Irish poet and literary guy. He's a modernist, and that's my kinda poetry. Anyway, the project will also allow me to integrate a little bit of actual programming through DHTML. So this weekend I will be coming up with mockups and color schemes and typeface examples. Funfunfun.

While working on some classwork, I let the presidential debate prattle in the background. As expected, each candidate skimmed over the actual question and launched into a prescripted speech. I'm pretty much set to write myself in this Novermber.

I also joined up my friend's open source chat framework development team. Sure, it's more work, but it's fun work.

Ahh, miles to go before I sleep.