Alarm makes that annoying sound as it always does.

I gleefully ignore it as I always do. zzzzz...

The third time I wake up, I decide I really should get ready since I have a midterm exam to contend with. I crawl out of bed and decide to get the mail. Dressed only in my boxers, I open the door and check the mailbox. No mail. I turn to look at the street, and conveniently enough, here comes a female postal carrier. Apparently the regular one called in sick, hence its lateness. Anyway, here I am, out the door, half-naked, with this total stranger approaching. What to do?

Run back inside, of course.

Morning routine. Shower, shave, brush, dress, etc. I decide to do a 5-minute mini-cram session, and read the Adobe Acrobat notes my professor conveniently provided. Yeah, I know this stuff, I'll be okay, that stuff, that doesn't look so important, it probably won't be on the test...

9 miles and 45 minutes later I arrive on campus. I reach my classroom, and as usual, I am late, and everyone is well into their test. The test isn't too difficult. Yay, glad that's over. I survive another week.

My brother has some trouble with his hard drive, and I go to his dorm room later in the afternoon to take a look at it. Strangely enough, his partition table disappeared. I express my doubts to him that this happened all by itself, as the drive was otherwise fully functional. Oh well, reformat and reinstall, Windows 98 needed it anyway.

Making plans for tomorrow's Halloween excursion. We seem to have a handy group. I'm bringing two worlds together - my sister's circle of friends, and my group of friends. Will worlds collide? We'll see.