Dance class in the morning. Oh boy, the moves are getting more complicated. My timing is rather horrendous. At least I know the footwork for the salsa and cha-cha pretty well now. Nw I can actually dance to that music I listen to. I've been on a salsa binge lately. We learned a bit of swing and a fun move, not sure of the name, but it's based on a four kick (but it's not the four kick). Class actually took up all its alotted time, a first.

I went to the polling place with my sister. The polling place was our old elementary school. It brought back a few fleeting memories of innocence long lost. Now we knew what the world is really like, and were about to try and make an impact on it. I cast my votes according to my conscience and couldn't be happier.

Of course, some people gave me shit about it later. Some people that are very close to me, and that hurt. I voted for who I wanted to win, not against who I didn't want to win. Voting out of spite, I feel, is not the way to go.

Funbets activity on Gore had been fluctuating wildly. As Bush's sell price was at 99.99, it wasn't worth taking a long position, so I shorted 300 shares, playing it safe. The amount I'd lose was equal to the amount I'd win, depending on which way it went. 50-50 was good to me. Gore's sell price was at 80, and the ask was near 70, so I decided to short 10000 shares. I could cover quickly if the prices started to rise and take a small hit, and the possible profit was worth the risk. Turns out I was right, and I was able to make a good chunk of change. Now if only the stock market was this easy.