I dread this airport every time I have to go through it. Since the early 1990's, the terminal that houses gates 40-46 resembles a refugee camp more and more. I passed through on my recent trip, and it was at its worst, and I expect it to get no better. The problem is simply: space. There is none. There are simply too many people trying to depart and this terminal can't handle the volume. There are definitely not enough chairs, and even standing space is running out.

Upon arriving this year, people, many of them haggard-looking from hours of international travel, were everywhere. Some had set up on the ground, in the middle of the floor. It was difficult to walk through. Fortunately, our layover was short, and we didn't have to congest the terminal that much.

That aspect aside, security is very tight, and that is assuring. Traffic also seems moderate, and doesn't seem to cause any delays. However, I very much prefer Osaka/Kansai International Airport as a layover destination since it has plenty more space. Of course, that airport is sinking into the ocean, so hopefully that problem will be rectified, or else I'll have to keep going to Narita.