The The New Batman/Superman Adventures cartoon version of Mxyzptlk hails from the 5th Dimension. He has extraordinary powers that appear godlike or like magic. However, as powerful as his abilities are, his acts could be considered pranks on a grand scale. These pranks often result in trouble and pose a genuine threat. He knows of Superman's secret identity but only threatens to reveal it. He takes particular interest in Superman because the Man of Steel is a unique and more powerful creature than most creatures on earth. Mxyzptlk seems to think Superman enjoys his games.

When Mxyzptlk returns home to his 5th Dimension, he either devises another way to defeat Superman or spends time with his lover, Gsptlsnz. In his first appearance, it seems they are the only two inhabitants, but in his second appearance (Little Big Head Man), it is evident there is a whole planet full of beings like him.

One major difference between this and the comic version is that to get rid of him, you have to make him render his name backwards, which seems to be a harder feat.