A girl IM'd me on AIM a few weeks ago. After a week or two of smalltalk and picture exchanges, it was evident she had a crush on me. She seemed liked one of those desperate girls who 'talk' me for no apparent reason. I rebuffed every one of her advances and I thought it was pretty clear how I felt. She was very aggressive (even for me), which frankly, was quite scary. After a few days, she introduced me to her "friend" who happened to be visiting her, so we chatted on AIM for a bit. I found it quite odd because her friend was never mentioned to me before (she had mentioned quite a few other friends of hers to me before, and considering this "friend" was one of her best friends who lived right next door, it was odd). I was immediately suspicious that something was going on, but I let it go.

Then the part that really annoyed starts happening. Her "friend" starts macking on me, as aggressively as she did. How odd, I thought, that such a good friend would advance on someone her friend had a crush on. She didn't have her own AIM account, appeared only when her friend did, chatted like her friend, had a hotmail account... well, I was convinced she was completely fictitious. I was still wondering why, however. I resolved to get a confession and an explanation.

In the following days, I tried to trip her up, asking to talk to her on the phone, asking if we could meet in person, and for other solid proofs of existence. None could be offered.

So tonight, I told her I was visiting. Conveniently enough, she had moved clear across the country. Quite a fast move, might I say, impossible. Off to the block list they go. At this point I am debating whether or not to send this girl an email telling her how sick I think she is. If she is even who she says she is.