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Hey kids, sell your body now!

As a proud body owner, it is always good to be aware of the [net worth] of your [asset]. And luckily, contrary to [the value of a human life], the value of the human body can quite easily be expressed as a [monetary] quantity. If you are looking to [liquidate], one way or the other, read on..

The now [defunct] [U.S. Bureau of Chemistry and Soils] once calculated the average composition of one human body. Given the prices of these chemicals (on [November 2, 2001]) this produces the following overview (in [dollar|dollars] per [pound]):

  • 65% [Oxygen] @ $0.00
  • 18% [Carbon] @ $0.00
  • 10% [Hydrogen] @ $0.00
  • 3% [Nitrogen] @ $0.00
  • 1.5% [Calcium] @ $1.36
  • 1% [Phosphor] @ $2.03
  • 0.35% [Potassium] @ $1.68
  • 0.25% [Sulfur] @ $1.38
  • 0.15% [Sodium] @ $1.29
  • 0.15% [Chlorine] @ $1.03
  • 0.05% [Magnesium] @ $1.68
  • 0.0004% [Iron] @ $16.00
  • 0.00004% [Iodine] @ $1.34
(prices according to various sources on the [world wide web]. [Your mileage may vary]. Last time I checked oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen were [air|available to everyone] free of charge)

Well, body owners, let's look at an example. I weigh in at about 78 kilograms. Yes, I am [Netherlands|Dutch], so I weigh [kilogram|kilograms], not pounds. For this example, and only for this example, I will recalculate myself to weighing approximately 172 pounds. That would make me 172 * 0.054414536 = $9.35. As a matter of fact, [you] can use this very [constant] to calculate your net worth!!

If you are looking to [acquire], it is always a good idea to shop around. Take the time to compare. Get a [bulk] deal for your family at your local [chemist]. (For example, I'm quite sure you can get me for less than a buck elsewhere).