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The problem

It will come as no surprise to you that people in the [record industry] have to make a living, just like the rest of us. To make a good living at that, one had best obey the common laws of [free trade]. This is why [A&R] people of major record companies try to sign artists that appeal to [the average person]. As a matter of fact, this [lowest common denominator] policy caused theirs to become the major record companies in the first place.

By itself, this is nothing to worry about, but ask yourself: how do [you] fit in this picture? You are not the average person. Nobody actually is the average person. How are you to find out about the records that were made by and for people like yourself, since the record companies that release those don't have the money to tell you about them?

The solution

Although it is nearly impossible to agree upon an objective [criterion] for the quality of music, it is often very well possible to make a case for the uniqueness of a record. Some records display certain musical ideas that set them apart from all the rest. Some records defy [classification].

This node aims to catalogue those records. All of them. By their very nature, these records cannot be organized by genre. Some of these records were the beginnings of a genre. Others are [singularity|singularities] on the boundaries of genres. Through this node, they can all be available to anyone with an adventurous mind. Just pick a title you don't know and [blow your mind].

N.B. There can be no guarantee you will like all or any of these records. However, if you feel they do not add significantly to what you already knew about music, go right ahead and downvote this!


For your favorite record to be added here it is not enough for it to just be very good! In fact, it doesn't matter if it is good or not. That is subjective anyway. This is not a collection of [everyone]'s favorite records by [X] unknown artist. It is merely an attempt at collecting records that have changed the face of music on any level. Therefore, the record needs to be unique; [unlike any other]. It doesn't have to be underground, it doesn't have to be great, it needs to be unique! Further, I will limit contributions to one album per artist. The rationale here is that, once you have found out about an artist, you should be able to find the rest of their work on your own. Some of the records here might have you wonder as to why they are here. Feel free to msg me if you want to know.

How to contribute

Your contribution to this node is vital, since no one person can know every original record that was ever released. To prevent this thing from going all [GTKY], this node is locked and you'll have to take these two simple steps to get a record added:

  1. [Node it]. Obey the [E2 Lyrics Noding Standard] like there is no tomorrow! Stay especially void of any subjective opinions. Don't even mention how great the record is, just explain in some detail what sets it apart from everything else. Hardlink back here.
  2. Msg me about your node. We will work out the rest.

Have fun!

The Music


  • [16 Horsepower]: [Low Estate]
  • [:Wumpscut:] - [Music for a Slaughtering Tribe]


  • [Acid Bath]: [When the Kite String Pops]
  • [A Perfect Circle]: [Mer de Noms]
  • [Android Lust]: [The Dividing]
  • [Aphex Twin]: [Selected Ambient Works II]
  • [Assemblage 23]: [Failure]
  • [At the Drive-in]: [In/Casino/Out]
  • [Atmosphere]: [Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs]
  • [Autechre]: [LP5]


  • [Babyland]: [Outlive your enemies]
  • [The Black Dog]: [Spanners]
  • [Blonde Redhead]: [Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons]
  • [Boards of Canada]: [Music has the Right to Children]
  • [David Bowie]: [Low]


  • [Cannibal Ox]: [The Cold Vein]
  • [Catherine Wheel]: [Chrome]
  • [Coil]: [Love's Secret Domain]
  • [Cranes]: [Wings of Joy]
  • [Cynic]: [Focus]


  • [Das Ich]: [Die Propheten]
  • [Dead Can Dance]: [Within the Realm of a Dying Sun]
  • [Deicide]: [Legion]
  • [Deinum]: [Europaeus]
  • [dEUS]: [In a Bar, Under the Sea]
  • [Do Make Say Think]: [goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead]


  • [Einsturzende Neubauten]: [1/2 Mensch]
  • [Endorphin]: [Embrace]
  • [Brian Eno]: [Ambient 1: Music for Airports]
  • [Esplendor Geométrico]: [Comisario de la luz / Blanco de fuerza]
  • [Esthero]: [Breath From Another]
  • [The Ex]: [Starters Alternators]


  • [Faith No More]: [Angel Dust]
  • [Fantômas]: [Director's Cut]
  • [Fields of the Nephilim]: [Elizium]
  • [Funckarma]: [Parts]


  • [Godflesh]: [Us and Them]
  • [Godspeed You Black Emperor!]: [Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven] or [Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas to Heaven] as the half-French say ;-)


  • [Jimi Hendrix]: [Are You Experienced?]
  • [Hüsker Dü]: [Zen Arcade]
  • [Joe Henry]: [Shuffletown]


  • [It Dockumer Lokaeltsje]: [It Dockumer Totaeltsje]
  • [Iris]: [Disconnect]


  • [Jega]: [Geometry]


  • [Karate]: [The Bed is in the Ocean]
  • [kid 606]: [PS I love you]
  • [Kong]: [Phlegm]
  • [Koos Kombuis]: [Koos se Songs]
  • [Kyuss]: [Welcome to the Sky Valley]


  • [Laibach]: [Jesus Christ Superstar]
  • [Lali Puna]: [Tridecoder]
  • [Lamb]: [Lamb]
  • [The Langley Schools Music Project]: [Innocence and Despair]
  • [The Lapse]: [Heaven Ain't Happenin']
  • [Legendary Pink Dots]: [The Maria Dimension]
  • [LUL]: [Love Thy Tiny Sums]
  • [Lush]: [Split]


  • [Melt-Banana]: [Scratch or Stitch]
  • [Merzbow]: [Batztoutai with Material Gadgets] (do mind your ears on this one!)
  • [Meshuggah]: [Destroy, Erase, Improve]
  • [Mogwai]: [Rock Action]
  • [Monumentum]: [In Absentia Christi]
  • [Morbid Angel]: [Covenant]
  • [Mr. Bungle]: [Disco Volante]
  • [Mogwai]: [Rock Action]
  • [Muslimgauze]: [Arab Quarter]


  • [Nine Inch Nails]: [The Downward Spiral]
  • [The Notwist]: [Shrink]
  • [Noisex]: [Out of Order]
  • [Heather Nova]: [Oyster]


  • [The Orb]: [The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld]


  • [Paradise Lost]: [Gothic]
  • [Pigface]: [Welcome to Mexico Asshole]
  • [Pink Floyd]: [The Final Cut]
  • [Pixies]: [Surfer Rosa]
  • [Plaid]: [Rest Proof Clockwork]
  • [Pole]: 1
  • [Public Enemy]: [It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back]
  • [Primus]: [Frizzle Fry]


  • [Q Lazzarus]: [Goodbye Horses]
  • [Queen Adreena]: [Drink Me]


  • [Radiohead]: [OK Computer]
  • [Rechenzentrum]: [s/t]


  • [Sex Ettek]: [Kurhaus]
  • [Shellac]: [At Action Park]
  • [Sigur Rós]: [Ágætis Byrjun]
  • [The Sisters of Mercy]: [Floodland]
  • [Slint]: [Spiderland]
  • [Solbakken]: [Pinanti]
  • [Sonic Youth]: [EVOL]
  • [Slub]: [20010505]
  • [Slowdive]: [Souvlaki]
  • [Speedy J]: [A Shocking Hobby]
  • [Squarepusher]: [Hard Normal Daddy]
  • [Stock, Hausen and Walkman]: [Alert]


  • [They Might Be Giants]: [Lincoln]
  • [This Heat]: [Deceit]
  • [Throbbing Gristle]: [20 Jazz Funk Greats]
  • [Tomahawk]: [Tomahawk]
  • [Tool]: [Ænima]
  • [To Rococo Rot]: [Music is a Hungry Ghost]
  • [Tortoise]: [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  • [Trembling Blue Stars]: [Broken By Whispers]


  • [Unwound]: [Leaves Turn Inside You]


  • [Edgard Varèse]: [Offrandes]
  • [Venetian Snares]: [Doll Doll Doll]
  • [VNV Nation]: [Empires]


  • [Wagonchrist]: [Tally Ho!]
  • [Roger Waters]: [Amused To Death]
  • [Woob]: [1194]


  • [Xorcist]: [Soul Reflection]


  • [Yo La Tengo]: [I can hear the heart beating as one]


  • [Zoppo]: [Les Aumonts]
  • [John Zorn]: [The Big Gundown]

Note: If you have trouble finding some of the above records, msg me and I will set you on your way.