I got very wet this morning.

My eyes popped open at exactly 5:oo AM, one minute earlier than my alarm is set to go off. It was raining cats and dogs outside. Still is, as a matter of fact.

At 6, I got into my car to drive to the metro so I could make my hour long commute to work. It's raining so hard I can barely see out the window. The traffic light up ahead is red, so I pull to a stop and all the water that's accumulated on my car rolls forward with momentum. Suddenly, a steady drizzle of water comes pouring down on my head through some crack in the sun roof of my car. Nothing leaked through any other part of my sun roof, of course. It was right onto my head.

I quickly pulled up the hood of my rain coat, but all this resulted in was redirecting the little stream of water off the top of my hood into my lap. I had a big round wet spot in my frontal crotch region and my skirt isn't one that dries quickly.

The walk from the parking lot to the metro just resulted in getting the entire front of me wet, so the wet spot blended in nicely with the rest of my clothing. I got to spend an hour riding the train, feeling like I was sitting in my own filth and wishing I was back in my bed.