I had an account on everything2 before, and it's been idle for some time now. The reason I'm starting again is because I'd actually like to try and meet some people through this thing. Not really meet, as just find someone to talk to. It's probably the case that I just feel lonely right now and will drop off within a few weeks or so. I hope I won't be so lax, and I hope I can actually meet a good friend through this.

Of course, I would like to keep things anonymous, but I still want to talk about my life. Assume if you will that for all my posts henceforth, I will not be using any real names. I would like to conceal my identity to the general public, but if you really want to talk to me, I will be more forthcoming. Speaking of which, the best way to do so is probably just /msg me.

So, a little about me right now and why I want to do this. I'm in college right now, and I find myself completely devoid of any real friends. I am in a relationship right now that has been going on for slightly less than a year. Other than her, there doesn't seem to be anyone else in my life. I have people I talk to, but it's never about anything more than just classes. I used to be friends with my current room mate, but he was and is on much better terms with my ex-girlfriend. Thankfully, she gave him the impression that I wronged her unduly. I didn't think so, but of course I'm wrong. So things with my current girlfriend are generally good, I just can't open up to her as much as I'd like to.

So it may seem that I just need someone to listen to my problems and give me advice, but I'd like to be that kind of a person for someone else. My girlfriend and I talk a lot, but I really want to talk to somebody else about their life for a change. It doesn't really matter who you are, or in what stage of life, I just want someone to talk to. Of course, someone in comparable circumstances would probably be a good companion. But now I've gone and made e2 into the personals section of a newspaper. My humblest apologies, but no other online forum has so many people in it reading whatever you say. I guess what I'm really going to use this account for is just post the occasional daylog and hopefully get feedback from you all. If that's wrong, I can leave.

I don't imagine that response to this entry will be particularly favorable, or that there be any great response at all. I just felt it would be a good way to introduce myself and explain what I'm about. I know stuff like that would be reserved for my home node, but I'm working on it, and nobody know's to check your home node if they don't know you exist. So consider this the first episode of the sitcom that is my life, and it's not particularly that good, but neither was space pilot 3000.