When you're little mom and dad are superheros. Dad can fix everything, mom makes all your boo boos go away with a kiss. They both seem to know the answer to all your questions. In fact, when they don't know it's scary; who does know if mom or dad don't? They're both world class chefs and every meal is a delight. They know the best jokes. They're the strongest, biggest, bestest people ever anywhere, and you're related. They'll tell you story's for hours if you'll listen. They're never afraid of anything. They're invincible, intelligent, beautiful and handsome. They even can see the future sometimes: they know what'll happen by the end of the movie or show.

Then you get big. What do mom and dad know? They don't understand. They're not so smart. They don't know your boyfriend the way you do; they just don't understand. They don't know how hard school is, or how it doesn't really matter anyway. They don't know how direly important it is for you to be at THE party or dance. You forget about that special time.

But at least for a while, you have a coule superheros in your life. At least for a while, mom and dad are superheros. You'll eventually realize that they're people, like yourself. But only after they get to be superheros and no-knowthings.