Well put Saige, there's only one problem. When someone says PC or talks about how you aren't being politically correct, they're referring to your first notion of political correctness. My problem with the first is basically the same as yours -- censorship messes things up. You must be politically correct, but only to those groups that are socially acceptable. That's not quite the right word, but it's close enough. Don't say anything negative about homosexuals or minorities or women, etc. But it's perfectly acceptable to "poke fun at" say, Mormons, or Scientologists. I'm not a supportor or member of either of these groups (nor do I tear them down in any way), I'm merely using them to prove my point. We are told who we should be nice to, and how we should be nice, and how unacceptable it is to be politically incorrect. Censorship. And that's what comes to mind when someone says "politically correct".... We should still try to fight it, but consider that next time you see complaining about political correctness.