1. Learn Perl
  2. optional: Learn Ninjitsu
  3. Start reading lots of Perl scripts
  4. Start writing your very own Perl scripts
  5. When you have become proficient at step 3, figure out how to re-write your scripts in at least 2 other ways while still producing the same output
  6. Stumbit one of your Perl scripts to the Perl Obfustication Contest. If it doesn't win, start over.
  7. Write at least 3 Perl "scripts" of at least 10000 lines of code. If you want you can put some of that code into modules.
  8. bonus step: pat your head and rub your tummy. Pass Go and collect 200 dollars.
  9. Learn perl's various database interfaces if you haven't already and write various scripts that do uncanny things with databases.
  10. Ok. This is the most important step. Start calling yourself a perl ninja. Write everything you code in perl. Preach of the wonders of perl to all your friends (or aquiantances if you've lost all your friends).

Congratulations my friend, you are now a fully-fledged Perl Ninja

Someone can probably figure out a better way to do this... and in fewer steps... or maybe one of you now fully trained perl ninjas can write an AI to figure it out for me.. if so node it.