May 08, 2001 was a sad day for Alien Big Cats (ABC) everywhere. The Beast of Barnet, a legendary animal who had perplexed the authorities and confounded the locals was finally caught. Some people belive that the same animal is responsible for the 10 years of sightings of an animal 'the size of a labrador dog' around London.

Also known as The Monster of the M25, the mysterious animal has been spotted in the north London areas of Barnet and Cricklewood as well as neighbouring Potters Bar. Pawprints 3-4in (8-10cm) have been found in the areas. The devious critter has even had the Metropoliatan Police helicopter searching for it, using thermal imaging cameras.

The female Eurasian Lynx was finally darted and caught after six hours of pursuit by zookeepers, police and animal protection officers across private gardens and residences, until she was cornered in a stairwell. A large cat, she is estimated to stand about 60 centimetres at the shoulder.