My $0.02: Anything in excess is bad. Good IdeaTM. Keep a balance and you will always be OK. Smoke a joint or 2 every now and then. Have a laugh. Watch Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds stoned and be totally awestruck at the sheer intensity of it. Go to work and keep the boss and the bank happy. Try to become the boss. Do gym a few times a week. Keep the body young. Don't smoke cigarettes. They are crap.

Smoking too much weed will probably make your life become a series of difficult situations that you don't fully understand and an endless series of performance anxieties. In fact, you will probably not leave your house. Drinking too much beer will make you fat, helpless and obnoxious. Too much work and you will become detatched, uncaring and lonely. Too much rugby and you will start eating your dead. Keep it all in perspective and you'll be OK.