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Seems like you forgot the whole story behind invertebra I told you.
Or did I tell you? Well, it's not really complicated as you may think,
and not even a bit obscure.

invertebra is a triad. It is a triangle made of worm, cocoon and butterfly.
Actually, you can make that first bit a leech.

It's a metaphor for death, for all the small deaths you go through during
your lifespan. Of course you can pass through it trying to avoid every single
one and live your own little so-called happy life with a wife/husband,
a trailer and a tv. Thats not invertebra.

So there you go, my creation myth. Simple as that. I know you were expecting more.
I am sorry for that.

You know they call foundation myths like that scatological? And you realize
how we use that term nowadays, don't you? The gross, the dirty, the disgusting.
It makes sense. That's exactly where we come from. Were one little cluster
of shit wandering through the black void of a universe. But some of us
are looking at the stars.

(and if you look close enough, you'll see invertebra has no caps)