Return to Sally Field (person)


Truly one of [Hollywood]'s most underrated actresses. Since 1994, Sally has made her directorial debut in film with 2000's [Beautiful], which starred [Minnie Driver]. In the [Farrelly brothers] comedy [Say It Isn't So!] (released in March 2001), she plays a foul-mouthed, [white trash] matriarch. As of this writing, she is also starring in the TV movie Where the Heart Is with [Natalie Portman], [Ashley Judd] and [Stockard Channing], airing in April and May on the various [HBO] networks.

Field also returned to [vast wasteland|television] in 2001 in six episodes of the highly-rated [NBC] drama [ER], where she plays the [manic depression|manic depressive] mother of Abby Lockhart ([Maura Tierney]), a perfomance that has earned her a [Screen Actors Guild] award nomination, and in my opinion, deserves an [Emmy]. In March 1999, the [Santa Barbara, California|Santa Barbara] Film Festival honored Field with its annual [Ruby Award], presented for "her exceptional [talent] and role in elevating the portrayal of everyday women to the ranks of the American [heroine]."

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