To me, fingerboards are impossible to train on. I use them to do the odd chinup but, other than that, the sheer unadulterated boredom that it brings really doesn't do it for me. I guess it just doesnt feel hard enough. Anything that I have to hang on long enough to let my mind wander means that:

a. I'm not training at a high enough intensity. I mean, hanging on the wee edges is easy, because you're just hanging. And if you try to make it harder by just using one hand, you either separate your shoulder, or fall off. Doing chinups are one possibility to increase intensity, but then again, you're trying to train fingers not your biceps.
b. This is taking way too long for my 18-year old brain to tolerate.

Campus boards, now those mean good times. Mainly because it feels really hard (and hell, it is), and chicks dig it. Bachar ladders are an invitation to elbow injury, and system boards... well... to me they're still faddish. Give them a couple of years to let them mature.