I've seen a man speak through a box, because his trachea is effectively gone from smoking. He sounded like a robot, distant and inhuman.

I know a girl who drank her face off and had a really good time. Until she woke up and realized that pamphlets about date rape are now far from an abstract concept.

I saw a baseball coach who had half of his jaw removed due to cancer from chewing tobacco. He looked fine until you saw the other half of his face.

I know a guy who lost his job because he drank too much and confronted his manager at a club over a bag of chips.

Drugs are NOT COOL. Drugs can fuck up your life forever. Even seemingly harmless alcohol has a recently legalized variant with hallucinogenic effect. If you're not aware what's mixed in that sprite, you might just try to fly. A friend of my friend drank some and almost decided to go swimming. In the winter. It was either really high-test stuff, or was mixed with something.

Before anyone takes any drugs, they should know what they're getting into. This isn't some thing that loosens you up, something to occupy a bit of your time during the coffee break. You're playing with your nervous system, you're playing with your brain. You're playing with your life.

A node that say drugs are cool could just have ruined somebody's life forever. It's a good thing our government protects us from such.

Alright, I can't keep this up forever. One thing Footprints, a "seriously hallucinogenic variant"? Have you singlehandedly discovered the holy grail of potheads everywhere, or are you just making shit up?