i used to fall a lot, always it seemed and.. there was so much hurt and cuts too deep to clean and i would retire to some distant corner of the universe to tend to wounds, i thought, might never heal.

i still fall. but now, i fall on someone, with someone, into someone.

life is nothing like a bicycle, amazingly so, and if it were i would be done with it as a whole. little bits of an existence seem similar, those things you can learn and never truly forget, but most often each fall is unique. it tosses me to some new, perfect for the moment place, even though sometimes it seems like i'd have preferred to have landed directly on my noggin'.

leap first, think later, but only some of the time. the fall is the easy part, of course, the landing can be beautifully painful, or you might just end up hurting your ass. either way, there always seems to be some little hand waving in the distance.. the one that will help you up, if you'll let it.. you just have to get to it first.