Two weeks ago, I was at a friends house. She talks to spirits, or rather, they talk to her. It's been like that all her life, even as a child. Whether you believe that, that's up to you, but know that I have no reason to make this up. She often knows things about people without talking to them, she tells people beforehand when things happen and she is of course very spiritual. I had only seen her once or twice before. Since I am also very spiritual or religious or however you want to put it (find Jacob Lorber on Google), we spoke about a lot of things, like our purpose on earth, about God, the afterlife, her contact with spirits and so on. At one point, she asked me whether if I knew anything about April 4th, since she wasn't that familiar with the bible yet and heard something about Eastern and Passover and the resurrection of Jesus. I didn't know anything particular at the time, but she said she had been told in a vision that something was going to happen. More specific, that the spiritual world was going to become very active on that day or the time thereafter.

At home I checked the 'net and didn't find anything substantial that could point to anything like that, so I kind of held off at that point. Until last weekend. I was going out with a couple of friends last Saturday and sometime that night my best friend asked me whether I knew if there was something special on April 4th. "Yeah", I said, "I told you, didn't I?" Apparently I didn't tell him. This friend isn't very spiritual, but does have a 'reputation' of knowing things beforehand too. He knew about accidents that happened to people he knew closely before they had even occurred. I was totally surprised. So, back I went to Google to do an even more thorough check.

To my great surprise, I ran into a page by Clyde Lewis called 'Apocalypse by numbers', about the number 444. It's a lengthy story and a must read (, under articles) to get completely flabbergasted by all this, but it comes down to the fact that he has been contacted by a few spirits, including his helper spirit with which he lived in his former life in Atlantis (yes, it did exist) called Thoth. Apparently, "Thoth was agitated because I (Chris) refused to contact the spirit world and that the spirits were trying to get me to speak my truth, to reveal what they wanted to say through me". He was also getting 'harassed' (informed is the better word) by spirits who programmed the number 444 in his microwave which woke him up in the morning. Later he figured that 444 could mean 4-4-2002 as 2002 can be seen as (2+2)=4. He was warned by another spirit, a 9 year old boy, that a holy war would begin in the spirit world which apparently would last for nine years.

At a fan site of the band Creed I discovered that "The Sorge Moon Rise happens at exactly 12:00.01am almost right on midnight and this event won't occur for over another 60 years." Also, the Jewish calendar tells us that April 4th 2002 is the end of Jewish Pesach (Passover).

Wednesday evening, I watched the midnight news. Israel seems at war, and Palestinian soldiers entered a church in Bethlehem - the birthplace of Jesus.

Until here, I have only told you facts: occurrences in the life of a 20 year old guy, who wonders what the rest of this day and the time hereafter will bring. I can say a thousand more words and tell a million perspectives, but let me use those of an extraordinary man:

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - William Shakespeare