Return to learned optimism (idea)

A theory by the famous Martin Seligman about how to turn [learned helplessness] around. Notice the steps in this model follow the first 5 letters of the alphabet.

Adversity: recognize [when] adversity strikes. damn, i failed out of college.

Beliefs: be aware of what [you] believe about the adversity. i am an [idiot], this is the proof that everyone has been [look]ing for.

Consequences: what consequences flow from your beliefs? i might as well settle for a [life] with less ambitious [goals]. making popcorn at the drive-in was fine last [summer] so it will be fine for the rest of [my life].


  • Is there any hard evidence backing this belief?
  • Are there alternate explanations for what happened
  • What are the implications of the beliefs, and are they worth holding on to?
  • How useful are these beliefs anyway, do they benefit [me] [or] anyone else?
  • wait, half the [class] failed that one course, and that other teacher hated me because i refused to be a school-robot!

    Energization: be aware of a set of new [consequence]s that could stem from following different beliefs. summer [school] isn't that [bad].