I like University, well, some of it anyway: The learning, going to class, thinking abstractly to comprehend this both natural and constructed world.

But the administrators who tell me I can't take certain courses that are challenging and exciting can go to hell without dying. I also hate the measurement. Don't get me started on the measurement...

I could stand on my soapbox and talk forever about how idiotic University is but there is an idea that pushes the brake pedal on my accelerating sense of indignity. I take control of myself by thinking of the factory workers, the janitors, the chicken pluckers and the people rolling bodies around in the morg. It is impossible to ignore the fact that education is the best predictor of future quality of life. The people in the highest income brackets average a Master's degree.

Why should University be fair and pure, when so many others are working so hard in often unfair conditions? Why should students get a free ride? They shouldn't. Yes, University is wrong but so many other things are unequal, unfair and 'wrong' too.