I simply loved this game. It started off a bit slow, but after a while I was hooked, missing classes, sleep, ignoring roommate, boyfriend etc. to get to the end within five days of starting. (hmmm, Longest Journey eh?) Most of the puzzles are challenging but doable, although some of them are a bit silly.

The sexy protagonist of the game, April Ryan is caught between two worlds:

Stark - modern, logical, scientific.

Arcadia - magical, chaotic, simple.

April is quite "chatty", a trait which weighs on the patience sometimes. I was also extremely disappointed in the ending...it could have been much more dramatic. The only good thing about it is that it is poised perfectly for a sequel!

But, don't misunderstand, it was still great. I cared about the characters, loved the backgrounds, understood the interface intuitively, and now April lives on my desktop.

Note: If you double click, you can make April run. The game is much less tedious this way.