Today I have been a lightening rod for crap. I finally finished my application and handed it to the good-looking security guard at the embassy. It was a relaxing but frozen walk with the wind blowing all the wrong way. As I was celebrating the idea that I will not be completely stuck next year after graduation...

"Pecheuse!" hollered a homeless person, with an impossible androgynous look. "pecheuse" is sinner in French.

"Regardez ta jupe courte, tu montre le monde tous!" Basically he/she was saying I left nothing to the imagination. It is a short skirt, wooly pink plaid. Shut up. It is not that bad. I gave him/her the finger; it was kind of ineffective since I was wearing my mittens. I wanted to scream:

"Tait tois!" shut up! but I feared violent retaliation. 5 minutes of listening to this crap, I ducked into a book store and escaped. Shaken and out of place in this extremely classy shop.

I got home and my roommate was all sympathetic and sweet. I got a package together for my friend in Japan. It is a care package; her friends at home (including me) have basically been ignoring her since she left. I gave her a series of gifts and put numbers on them. One of them is super mints that feel the best when you give oral sex. Another was a bunch of little elephants to show that I never forget her. Anyway, it was kind of a detailed operation; like I put in a note with each and every gift. I wanted to have it out by 5:00 p.m.. Then my roommate discovered his asshole within:

"Wow, when you make a mess, you go all out" he said.

He didn't see the effort I was putting into caring for Lori. All he saw was a mess in the TV room. He also wants me to pretend not to see him for the entire weekend. He gets all bent out of shape when Ben comes over. He wants to avoid both of us. It is no longer only "his problem" I wish things could be peaceful and not all twisted like this. People don't like people. That is fine. It is all of these little wars that I hate.

I came home and confronted my roommate and put everything on the table. No reaction. He just lied down and played dead. I even brought him some nice imported beer, hoping we could drink together and forget the crap. For a second, I wished D was like the homeless man/lady: outspoken. I said everything and he just put up a wall. Silence is a safe fucking response.