I was all ready for it to be this really shitty, disappointing day but I was all wrong. I had two tests, one in Consumer Behavior: a total non-subject. The other was in Japanese. I spent the weekend trying to study CB, but it did not work. I just couldn't focus on something so inane. But - the test went ok. The information was all stored somewhere very, very deep and I was equipped for spelunking. I had a lot of trouble with nausea before the test and had to do some of it doubled over. Can't wait to see what the Dr's next diagnosis is.

The Japanese test was today. I successfully wrote all the kanji except for the second half of hospital. Damn. I have no idea why my Prof. finds it necessary for us to know the kanji for constipation. I read, I absorb, I expel the information. No constipation here.

Outside dazzled white. Snow makes everything smell so good! There were two slick guys smoking pot on the side of my path to school. I started coughing furiously as I passed them. They got all scared looking until I said "Just kidding". They then called after me asking if I was from England. I faked not hearing. I hate that question.

I went to my Japanese Students Association meeting; they finally gave me my purple laminated card. I met this insanely ambitious Japanese girl who has been to forty countries and speaks beautiful English. Not only were her experiences interesting, her observations were original too. Rare indeed.