The cool water touches all over my skin. I pull through it - friction against me. The sun light reflects playfully on the bottom of the pool. I am surrouded by the quiet - no voices - just bubbles and splashes.

My arms and legs radiate heat, proving that they are alive. Other bodies lumber or race by, in red bikinis and blue shorts. My goggles make the world like a pair of mini-TV screens.

A man is beside me - he has a rainbow-colored cap. He can swim. He is tanned.

"Please, take off your goggles - who are you?"

And - he does - but he is not right - he is not what I wanted him to be... his eyes aren't right.

I wait politely while another man swims by. I duck my head under the ropes and under the water. I walk up the stairs. My forty minutes are up.