Dear MAC Cosmetics,

Until now, I have always been happy with your products. In fact, when I was a poor student, a big way to treat myself was to ‘splurge’ on one of your lovely matte, long-lasting llipsticks.

Since graduating and getting a corporate job, I have not only splurged on a wide array of colorful lipsticks but on powder, eye shadow, blush and lip liner. I was a completely satisfied customer with everything until I bought concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes.

Being of a Scandinavian background, I have rather deep-set eyes; the dark circles only made me look more severe. When one of your consultants put on some of your concealer, it made my eyes brighten right up and I looked much less serious and tired and much more optimistic. For the first few days I looked better than ever as I happily passed by mirrors.

Sadly, the optimistic, happy look soon ended. I started to get red, crusty areas on my eyelids. Finding it impossible to believe that it could have been because of the MAC makeup, I blamed potential harsh chemicals in make-up removers. I went through three different make-up removers, including the most gentle one offered by The Body Shop. Nothing stopped the spread of the hideous red rash! I don’t really have sensitive skin and nothing like this has ever happened. I doubled up the use of the concealer, not only hiding the darkness under the eye but the red crusty eczema on top!

Covering up the problem during the week was okay at first. My co-workers told me that I should do something about my dry skin (my skin is normal) but I was fine with that. On the weekend when I typically go without makeup, I looked like a drug addict with these red, crusty eyes but nobody ostracized me. It is a ‘style’ to look like that for certain people. It was fine.

I reached the end of my rope this week when one morning I looked in the mirror and I had a flap of dry eczema-skin hanging over my eye! As I filled in Excel spreadsheets for my job I had to keep brushing the skin flap away from my eye so I could see! It is Friday tonight and I can’t go out and bat my eyelashes at a cute guy! I will be batting my skin flap instead! Nobody will like that! It is disgusting!

The problem is starting to subside now and I can’t wait to look normal again. All I can say here is that I am disappointed. Very disappointed. Enclosed in this letter is the rest of my concealer - the concealer that left me with uglier things to conceal than ever. I have no use for it.