So, I just had to tell a long story to the entire class about the stripper running for mayor in Paris. I wanted to spark debate. Well. No one said anything. Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence. Change the subject. Then I thought, do they think I am a stripper and embarrassing myself?

I have been putting on make-up a little heavy lately, disgarding the bra and curling my hair. Hm. Shit. I have also been swaying my hips sexily as I walk lately. I don't know why. I lack the grace of strippers though. And the money.

It is just so damn shiny outside. Snow, street, sidewalk, rooves, trees. Covered in reflectiveness. It is impossible to walk outside. Poor crystal-boned elderly. Even a small fall can make them break something.

So, 1 more month of school. That's it. It will be over. Then I can do the ritual burning sacrifice of my GPA.