Things are just fine. They are safe. I can move on.

Alt-Tab and messanger is a great thing. Especially when I am resolving all the issues at once.

"I met this guy, he's great" "you deserve great" Alt-Tab "is he good in bed?"

"You kicked me too hard, and far. It hurt" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shut you out like that." Alt-Tab "Why did you say that?" "I was trying to say I could always leave, like it made me so powerful, I am sorry"

"You care too much what other people think, there is nothing wrong with having emotions" "I know, I just try to maintain a certain amount of dignity." Alt-Tab "You are so judgemental, at least everyone respects your job" "I know, people say that what you are doing is great too... I just have to fully understand the spiritual path you are taking before I can totally support you. I just worry about you sometimes."

"You really helped me through the worst time, when I had no furniture, no friends, just a phone and a computer on the floor, thanks" Alt-Tab "It makes me sick to my stomach every time I think that I am not going to be there to support you on your day. If I could turn it around I would, but I can't."

"I want to call you, do you have a minute?" Alt-Tab "You are still my most valued friend. I know you will be there with me in spirit on my wedding day."

After that, all of my problems just floated away. All I could do was look at the ceiling and smile until I fell asleep.