Bright, white and blinding.

I tripped over a tampon sitting in the middle of the street. How can someone let it go so far? The least you can do is keep your tampons out of public domain!

My brother announced that he is getting married in Iceland in August. We have an Icelandic last name but we don't speak the language and none of us has ever been there except for my Dad. People from countries like England, Ireland and China must think that us heritage-hunting North Americans are insane!

I have 26 new Kanji to learn before Tuesday. This is going to be really tough as Ben is coming over this weekend. He gets mad when I try to work on school while he is here. I am supposed to stay entirely focussed on him constantly. I can see it from his side, since it is a four hour drive but I can see it from my side too; my school life is very demanding. If only I could spend the amount of time I wanted with him! We will probably try to skate along the Rideau Canal: The Worlds Largest Skating Rink! I guess it is marginally better than living in a city with The Worlds Largest Nickel! or The Worlds Largest Producer of Hot Dogs! or whatever.