fight! fight! fight!

Had a huge argument with Ben last night (funny, does this sound familiar?) This kind of routine screamed on the phone in the loudest of voices:

him: "If you think I am like your brother, I might as well go and fuck other girls! Are you listening to me? Put the phone back on your ear!"

me: "Would you fucking listen for one second! I have listened to your bullshit crap for an hour, now let me say one sentence. Are you ready?"

My sister thinks this will inflict damage on our future children. Two hours later, we were all "I love you" and "Bye sexy." This fight was tame compared to how it used to be, once he spat in my face and once, well, we don't talk about that now. It doesn't hurt me anymore because I am indestructible after all. I just have to learn how to diffuse these situations before they start. People always blame the guy for this type of thing but I know the 'finger' (whatever finger that may be) can be pointed at both of us. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

Told the girl at Starbucks this morning about the website. She thought it was pretty funny but went on to say this was the best job she has ever had because of benefits etc. I was wondering if she really meant it or if she was simply towing the company line. In Starbucks, I almost finished Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates. It was great at first, but now he is using the book as a mouthpiece for his religious beliefs. Yawwwwn.