Ben was really tired of life today. I felt sympathetic but unable to help. I understand where he is coming from but I have to live my life how I want and hang out with who I want. How is it possible for me to think in any other way? Poor guy. Things aren't going well for him at all. If I got a dent in my car, I wouldn't care but to him it is extremely important. I respect that and he pays the same respect to me. All I could do was point out some practical solutions.

We were talking about marriage today. Do people like Monica Geller really exist? I don't give a fuck about the how and where of my wedding ceremony. I don't even want one but it matters to him so I'll do it. He is so much more conventional than I am.

D made a snowman and perched it in front of the house. He did an outstanding job - extremely well executed and presented. He didn't want me to tell our landlady, but I HAD TO! It is so cute!!! She reacted pretty well, but she is hard to read. She was a waitress for many years, and is ALWAYS friendly and smiley in any circumstance. I have a difficult time with people who put a happy face on everything.

On a crappy note, something terrible happened to my mother in England. I will have to phone my brother tonight to see if it is appropriate for us to step in.