It is getting impossible to eat the vegetarian chili I made a couple of nights ago. I am literally force-feeding the mushy stuff... then it all gets stuck in my chest so I have to quickly gulp down a glass of water to shove it through my system. That is the hard part about cooking for one; once you make an actual meal you have to eat it night after night after night.

Didn't do the greatest in Operations Research. I missed studying a chapter and I paid dearly. In the middle of the exam I snuck out and ate a chocolate bar to give more energy - it helped. The exam ended at 10:00 pm last night and then I read 150 pages of Flowers for Algernon. Now I am thinking a lot of the obvious thoughts about the +s and -s of being intelligent. The author seemed to make increased intelligence like being more conscious. It is a pretty good point as being intelligent can be equated to being more literate. If you are attuned to more things, why wouldn't the world around you be more vivid and seem more complex.

However, I cannot concede that being intelligent makes you more emotionally racked and self-centered as is asseted in the book. If you are so clever you can certainly find a way to soothe yourself. I am tired of smart sissies complaining that they want to be simple. Shut-up and appreciate your fucking gifts.

Then nothing else happened except that my landloard found my right mitten.