M. Chretien,

I would like to thank you for not taking Canada to the war against Iraq. I know it was a difficult decision. Nobody in the world has stronger economic and cultural ties with the United States than us. The fact that our two largest trading partners went to war and we did not, shows that our government does not crumple under economic pressure but tries to do what is compassionate and represents the views of Canadians.

Now that the war is on, I can hardly come to terms with it. When I hear of innocent civilians getting killed, I can hardly watch the news. When I hear of a pregnant woman who has only one way to fight: lead soldiers to a bomb and die along with her victims, I feel doubly vexed. Firstly, it is plain to see that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq if civilians are using these tactics. Secondly, this desparate woman represents a people trapped between an despotic leader and a Superpower.

I wish that all of this was not happening but I have to throw that wish away. It is happening. Innocent people are dying. It is not their fault. The only vision of hope is that the Iraqi people may soon have a fresh start, free of their despotic leader and brighter future, with investments in education, healthcare and security that only a Superpower like the United States can provide.

What should Canada do? Canada should ensure that this mission is fulfilled with compassion. Let’s show Muslims around the world that Muslims and Westerners can work together to transform Iraq into a democratic and fair jewel of a society. This will not only be humanistic but will also reduce the negative downwardly spiralling relationship between Muslims and the West that has lead to terrorism in the past.

On Sunday, the popular news show, 20/20, depicted the the American rebuilding effort as just a way to award top Republican party supporters generous contracts. I simply can’t believe this. We know that our neighbour is business-minded and selfish at times but it is not so greedy and evil. I propose that Canada do everything possible to make sure that this rebuilding effort is done with compassion and fairness. I propose that we make sure that this rebuilding effort has focussed goals until its completion . I propose that we make sure that we improve the lives of surviving Iraqis and show them that we will not forget them after new oil contracts have been signed.

I know that this is an era where we have all accepted our own selfishness and top decisions are made based on opinion poll statistics and a cost/benefit ratios. The fact that you decided not to go to war shows that, yes, these things are important, but being fair and democratic is more important. If we play a key role in the rebuilding in Iraq, I think that it will be an incredible thing and a great legacy for you as Prime Minister. I am always looking for noble behaviour among people and I have to admit, in this era it is rare. With this e-mail I present you with a crown for being such a great and rare Prime Minister (see attached crown.jpg). Merci.