It seems many things are heading to a cusp of decision.

The world hurtles towards major change with a would-be-king gleefully pushing ever harder for his way. Our political systems are fast coming to a critical mass the will have profound repercussions for generations to come.

When this reaction mass goes, what will become of it? Will it enter fusion and meld all parts into an entirely differing whole, or will it fission and split us into yet more rarefied and differing elements? I hope for the first and fear the second...

On my personal scale I feel a similar cusp, a nexus of events coming together to form a new path. I have an old acquaintance of mine and we've had a rather startling realization about each other. We've been around each other for years not making our interest in the other clear.

So we've been talking these past weeks and finding we are of much the same mind on a great many things and really enjoy the other's company immensely.

We are taking it slowly, although things could go very fast if we wished. I want a slow pace so that I can safely rule out the rebound effect as the cause of our attraction and happiness. I need to be sure. I want to cause no harm.