The IOC (International Olympic Committee) will never ever remove certain sports from the Games. The important thing is not "Citius. Altius. Fortius." It is "Money, Money, and NBC."

That's right. NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, General Electric's publicity arm. The IOC makes almost all of its money by selling the television rights to broadcast the Games. Sydney was on the auction block for the price of $1.5 billion all told. And guess where the lion's share of that money came from?

NBC. NBC paid over $750 million for the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games in the United States; almost half of the operating budget for the IOC comes from GE. Therefore, you will see more and more camera pleasing sports added to the Olympic program (especially ones that appeal to the most steadfast Olympic viewers, women from their mid-20's to mid-50's, like rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized diving, and a new equestrian event that involves dancing horses (seriously)), while the squeeze is put on sports that have been in the Games almost since their inception (wrestling, rowing, shooting, et. al.).

Why? Synchronized diving is pretty and looks good on camera while wrestling is ugly and does not. These are not the World's Games, these are NBC's Games.