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Born on the river.
Raised by beavers.
Hated by tree farmers.
Loved by fishermen.

When I grow up I want to be the owner of a large lumber mill.

Favourite song - "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" by Alvin and The Chipmonks

Favourite Song Lyrics - "You'll never know how much I love you,
You'll never know how much I care,
You give me Beaver!
Beaver in the morning. Beaver all throught the night. You give me Beaver!"

Favourite TV Show - "Leave It To Beaver"

Favourite Cartoon - "Bucky Beaver"

Favourite Band - "Those Darn Beavers" (From Beaver Dam, Kentucky)

Favourite Medicine - Castor Oil (From the Beavers' Castor Gland)

Favourite Moment in History - When "The Fab Fur" came to America.

Favourite Blues Band - "Drippy Beaver and The Tail Slappers"

Favourite Movie - "The River"

Favourite Documentary - "The Construction of Hoover Dam"

Thing I hate - My drunkard Cousin, "Heaver Beaver"

Things that scare me - My serial killer Cousin, "Cleaver Beaver"

My nicknames - "Stever Beaver", "Drippy Beaver"

My friends and family - "John Boy Beaver", "Sticks" Beaver, Grand Gnaw Beaver, Pap Gnaw Beaver, Daddy B and Mamma B, Bother B, Sister B and little baby B.

Favourite sayings - I fell for the trees and the trees fell for me.

Favourite compliments - "You're a pretty good feller"

Main regrets - Dragging my tail.

Hopes and Dreams - Staying on the cutting edge!

Advice to others - "Keep a chipper attitude. Stay sharp. Get to the point and most of important of all, DON'T LODGE COMPLAINTS!

Funniest Tail Slapper: My Uncle Cleaver Beaver has false teeth and had to swim upstream to sink his teeth into something. It was only LODGICAL! HA! HA! HA!