Xavier University is a wonderful place. It is an extremely expensive place. And it is definitely not for everyone.

I was lured to Xavier University by an extremely large scholarship. I visited the campus once, noted that it was clean and friendly, the cafeteria food was fabulous, there were no frats or sororities, and even the freshman dorms had a lovely suite setup. The brochures thrown at me assured me that the faculty was top-notch, the guidance services comprehensive, the degree and the Xavier name worth every penny. I had conducted a rather lazy college hunt, and this was enough for me. I was sold.

Life on the Xavier campus would be heaven for many. There are a huge number of clubs, sports teams, volunteer projects, and DRINKING PARTIES. The basketball team is great. Everyone is very friendly, and I did have a lot of fun there.

Still, I wasn't very happy. Xavier is fiercely Roman Catholic. Xavier is very politically conservative. A disproportinately large number of Xavier women were mallbunnies there for MRS degrees. A disproportionately large number of Xavier men were in the closet (Catholicism seems to do this). The silently agreed-upon uniform consisted of American Eagle and Abercrombie. Individuality was frowned upon. Exciting ideas that might shake things up were frowned upon. Taking political action was frowned upon. The only socially acceptable protests centered around the off-campus landlords discouraging drinking on their properties. I was very stifled there.

I am a liberal, spiritually eclectic bisexual. I swept onto the campus in a tiger-print duster, my purple hair in my face, dripping cigarette ash a la Cruella de Ville. I spouted Camille Paglia. Dead Kennedys blared from my speakers. I wrote my history papers from the Helots point of view, not the Spartans. At first I was treated like a mascot, a caricature, a jester. But when I started thinking, people seemed to find it disturbing. I was slowly being edged out socially. I lasted for six months, then quietly left the school. I was esctatic.

Again, I want to emphasize that it is not a bad place. Everything that brought me there really was as good as it had looked. The food was delicious, the dorms were spacious, the faculty was brilliant. It is exactly what many people are looking for. Xavier gives out tons of free money, and if your ACTs were good and you really need a scholarship, I encourage you to apply. Just be sure to bring the proper uniform.