Oh poop.
I will not be able to make it.
My coworker just jetted off to Jordan. I won't be able to get any time off. I apologize. Um, disregard all of the following.

Swarms of rabid soymilk-guzzling lesbian monkeys couldn't keep me away from this bash!

Did I mention that I REALLY like mountains and cabins and clean clean air that smells like thunderstorm?

Mapquest says that Lola the Corolla and I will be putting in a 7 hour and 32 minute bonding session to get to Noderville. Please come to this bash and make it worth my while!

I want to see all of you! I want to tickle you! I want to hear your stories! I want to make you laugh! I want to do the hokey pokey!

impy-impy haha's packing list:
1. A big, ugly hat. Preferably purple. Or orange. Or leopard print. gaudy!
2. Hot Blondes. um, I mean Blondies. You know, the brownies that aren't brown...?
how will i keep them hot?
3. Enough bug spray to keep EDB away
4. A BIKINI! Because we're going to SWIM!
7. Finger paint, because we are going to make a masterpiece
8. hugs. Hugs for all.
9. Don't look at me like that! I can't bring liquor! I'm only 19!
10. Extraordinary smoothie-making skills! You supply blender.

I love you guys.