I'd been craving road trip like nobody's business, and I must say that the journey really was as good as the destination, even if it was disorganized and ridiculous. Maybe that's why it was so good.
Friday night I talked to Conrad and Josh. We planned to leave around 10 AM (yeah, right) and take Josh's car instead of Lola the Corolla. I still didn't have proper directions to Kurt's house. I frantically e-mailed him, feeling like the den mom for a bunch of overgrown supergenius cub scouts.

Josh picked me up at 10:30, we headed to Conrad's house, where Kurt was supposed to meet us. Almost two hours later, Kurt shows up. He'd been pulled over twice and searched for drugs once. Understand that his car is much more ominous than he is. Anyway, we drop Conrad's truck off at Midas and speed out of Nashville, not looking back.

Josh and Conrad sat in front, and Kurt and I squeezed into the backseat. I use Kurt's Palm Pilot to take pictures of my legs, his eyeball, the scary trucker behind us, the clouds, the cows, interesting billborads... I was in roadtrip heaven. In Louisville we stopped for gas and to Ching! the car. Lipliner and glass do not mix well. Back on to 71-N, where we promptly ran over a beaver. Yes folks, a BEAVER. He rolled, hit the median, and twitched. I successfully did not cry. It was difficult.

So we drove for a few more hours... *yawn*
When we got there, I suddenly realized that I felt very shy. Shyer than I'd felt in years. There were a bunch of noders sitting on the front porch, and I (with all my silly little level 2 nodes) suddenly felt very, very small. I went upstairs, changed into something more slippery, and went downstairs to munch on broccoli... Changed my mind, and went on a walk instead. Zot lives in the prettiest neighborhood I have ever seen. I walked barefoot, dangling my high heels from two fingers, enjoying the cool pavement and the darkening sky. I returned, feeling much better, and went for the BEER!
Then it got hazy.

Tandex is awesome! He put me at ease practically by snapping his fingers. An excellent guy.
Jurph is a very hip dude.
Becca is kind and funny and has the prettiest hair I have ever seen.
Sane Guy is just that. And he's really cute, too!
I really wish I got to talk more to ideath.
ccunning is smooth like buttah.
Pixie Sticks are good. And they're better with Parrot Bay!
Letting the Golden Boy paint my leg was a good idea after all.
Cigars and nutmeg do not clash at all.

I ended up changing into boxers and crashing out early. I'm such a party pooper...
The Starliner Diner was awesome. The pen dispenser intrigued me. And the nifty little cardboard tubes made me smile. I did a crossword puzzle (with a little help from my friends) and had the most amazing salad.

Back to Zot's. More talking with Tandex. He's SO COOL!
Naptime. I woke up with Big Red stuck to my arm. Thanks to whoever left that little gift.

The four of us left at around 8 o'clock. On the way out of town, we stopped at a Speedway. A small child wore a large orange sticker that read: "FAMILY PACK! SAVE TWENTY CENTS PER POUND!" This amused me greatly.
more naptime.
The only magazines sold in Kentucky gas stations are High Times, Outlaw Biker, Fur, Fish, and Game, and Lowrider. This scares me.

Nashville. Waffle House with Kurt. Looked over all the pictures, got teased mercilessly, and gorged myself.

You guys are great.