It was so scary...

I had three nipples. One on my right breast and two on my left.
But in the dream, my boobs were perkier. That was nice.

I was putting on my bridesmaid's dress. It was lavendar and shapeless but not quite Little Bo Peep. I did not know the bride. I was randomly chosen because the bride had decided that 6 was an excellent number of bridesmaids. Her two sisters and three collge friends were the other bridesmaids. Her sisters were married. Their husbands were quite brawny.
I was the only non-blonde in the wedding party.

The wedding took place at the groom's home in New York City. The bride slid down a gigantic playground slide on the second floor of the house and into the living room. Vows were said and champagne was popped. It was very unemotional.

I realized that the bride's parents were Al and Tipper Gore. Tipper wrapped her arms around Bill Clinton's neck, threw her head back, and laughed heartily. She was very drunk. Hillary was nowhere to be seen. Tipper and Bill fell into a blue tiled fountain.

I woke up.