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i mostly relax in the sun. i work tech support on a graveyard shift, i listen to lots of dnb, i go to lakes and look at mountains with friends. sometimes i run for political office, but not very often. i'm a pantheist (this sometimes angers atheists who are also, generally, pantheists.) i work in photoshop, and am very proud of the work i do in photoshop. ( and i relax in the sun. .. did i mention breaks? i guess i said dnb. .. uh.. .. i do other things too for sure. like sometimes i drive to rivers instead of lakes. the other day i saw these massive landlocked sturgeon at a fishery. that was in mission. i live in british columbia. which is awesome, for me. it's beautiful area, and i've lived here all my life. in a smallish, very religious, little bedroom community in which most people are very docile and complacent. the town i live in, was at one time in the guiness world book of records for having the most churches per square mile. i live within easy walking distance of 4 or 5. there are a lot more. i dunno. i could keep talking, i mean, i've been doing this stuff (living) for 20 years, so i could prolly generate at least a few hundred words. ;P who knows. i don't know. i never know what to say.